What is a Trade Exchange?

A trade exchange is a facilitator and third-party record-keeper for a group of businesses that trade or barter their goods and services rather than using cash. These businesses are part of a small economy, a network in which they earn and spend trade dollars with other clients. The exchange assists with the barter transactions and keeps the proper records.

Why Not Trade Directly?

Many businesses are already bartering on a direct, one-on-one basis. But it’s not always easy to arrange a direct trade. It depends on the good luck in finding another business who is willing to trade, and who has what you need and wants what you have. And sometimes you get burned when goods are delivered and nothing in return is received.

Belonging to a trade exchange eliminates both problems. Barter in an exchange is not direct. We use a computerized barter accounting system to keep track of all trade dollars earned and spent. When your business sells to another member your account is credited with trade dollars, which are  available immediately to spend with any other member businesses. You don’t have to find a member who wants what you have before you can make a trade. And when proper procedures are followed, your trade dollars are guaranteed—even in the unlikely event that a member goes bankrupt.

Why Join IMS?

The best reason to become a member of IMS Barter is to increase sales. IMS is a marketing opportunity; membership in the exchange exposes your business to hundreds or thousands of potential customers. They have built-in incentives to buy from you because you accept IMS! By spending within the exchange you save cash for those items not available on trade, like your mortgage. If your business is not currently working at capacity, you can convert extra time or inventory to new earnings.

Are Trade Exchanges Legal?

Yes, of course! Bartering through a trade exchange is perfectly legitimate, and a reputable exchange will not allow illegal transactions.

Cash is King! Why Should I Want Trade Dollars?

We agree—CASH is king! That’s why you should be buying with trade dollars whenever possible. Remember, from a cash angle, your trade dollars cost less, yet have roughly the same purchasing power as cash. For example, if you’re about to spend $5,000 on advertising, would you rather write a check for $5,000, or would you rather pay with your product? Your cash flow is improved if you can pay with your product, especially since you’re reaching new customers.

How will I Earn Cash to Cover My Costs?

Remember–you’re not just selling on trade: you’re BUYING on trade! If you sell your product for $1,000 trade dollars, and it cost you $400 to produce, your out of pocket is $400 cash. But when you spend the $1,000 trade dollars on something which normally would have consumed cash, your $400 cost and your $600 profit come right back to you as cash savings! You’re buying with 40-cent dollar.

Can Trading Solve All My Financial Problems?

A trade exchange is just one tool in your marketing arsenal. If you have a viable product or service priced fairly, you could see an surge of up to 5 –15% in sales. Trade dollars spent wisely will help your cash flow. But as you know, there is no single magic bullet to solve all your worries.

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